Welcome to our online boutique. We are so happy you are here!
Can we just tell ya’ll, this is the biggest jump of faith we have ever made? Here we are – Taylor Plyler [left], Michelle Love [middle] and Brook Plyler [right] – co-owners of Briella Boutique! Taylor and Brook are married to Michelle’s sons which makes Michelle the absolute best mother in law in the world. We are truly best friends based out of a small town called Stanfield, NC!
For the past 6 years, we have sat at family dinners talking about our dream of opening an online boutique. Our dream has always been to open an online store with stylish, high end, affordable pieces – easy right? Wrong! It is beyond terrifying to put yourself out there and pursue a dream that is so farfetched. How can we make this work? How could we risk opening a business when we all 3 have families that count on us? Well, here it is ya’ll – we are risking it because the passion burning inside of us for this business is something we can’t sit on any longer. God placed it on our hearts this year to stop dreaming about this and start doing it. We cannot sit back and stay in our safe bubble when God is calling us to follow our dream.
Our passion is centered around YOU, our customers. We don’t even like to call you customers; we call you our friends. Every decision we make for this business is based around you – How can we make this an easy shopping experience for our friends? Is this a good fabric for every day? How will our friends feel about this piece? Every item we have is handpicked by us, examined for quality and made as affordable as possible. Our collection is curated of Women’s & Young Contemporary brands that have a broad range of styles. Styles that work for a stay at home, busy mom, a teenager, the mature woman, a working woman, or our fellow fashionistas!
We love comfort, everyday pieces as well as our must have statement pieces! We promise to always put you first, provide high quality pieces, work hard daily and stay on budget.
We cannot tell you how excited we are you that you are on this journey with us and hope and pray you enjoy every second of it!

Buckle up, it’s going to be a very exciting and enjoyable ride!